Is the Kroma Camera reusable?
Kroma is a reusable 35mm film camera that makes memories feel anything but disposable. Load Kroma up with your favourite film, point, shoot, then do it all over again.

Do I need batteries for my Kroma Camera?
Yes, you will need 1x AA battery for the flash. Insert this on the underside of the camera and enjoy the trip!

How do I develop my film?
Complete 24 exposures before taking your film roll to your local film processing lab where they will develop the negatives. You can choose to receive your photos as digital scans or physical prints. You can then wait for your photos via email, or head back into your favourite lab to collect your prints.

What type of film should I use?
We suggest using Kodak Gold 200 for the Kroma 35mm film camera.

When should I use the flash?
Always use flash indoors or in low lighting. When in doubt always use the ✨flash✨

How do I get the photos on my phone?
When you drop off your film to your local processing lab, you can choose to receive your photos as digital scans which will be emailed to you.

My flash isn't working, what do I do?
Simply replace the 1x AA battery in your Kroma with a brand new one to power up the flash. Leaving the flash on for an extended period of time will drain your batteries. Ensure you always turn off your flash when not in use.